Southeast Asia’s accelerating internet economy

Actual report here

Haven’t dug into it yet – I assume it’s an update to their original report.

Six figures that show why you need to pay attention to Southeast Asia’s dynamic internet economy.

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The end of the beginning — Benedict Evans

The end of the beginning — Benedict Evans

This looks to be one to watch. Not always agree with him but love the data.

Nice quote:

Finally, as we think about the next decade or two, we have some new fundamental building blocks. The internet began as an open, ‘permissionless’, decentralized network, but then we got (and indeed needed) new centralised networks on top, and so we’ve spent a lot of the past decade talking about search and social. Machine learning and crypto give new and often decentralized, permissionless fundamental layers for looking at meaning, intent and preference, and for attaching value to those.

Flippin’ over backwards | Founding Fuel

Well that’s pretty damning evidence.

If true then it’s easy to see why Walmart had to deal with it.

Flippin’ over backwards | Founding Fuel:

In July this year, the complainant sent a letter directly to Doug McMillion, the global CEO of Walmart’s HQ in Bentonville, Arkansas, making allegations of sexual assault against Binny. That prompted Walmart to ask Gibson Dunn, a global law firm to do a thorough and detailed investigation. The investigation found that the allegations of sexual assault against Binny were unsubstantiated and that the relationship was consensual. But it found a serious lapse: An investigator from the security firm employed by Binny had called the woman for a meeting and had tried to physically assault her, but she escaped. When the lady informed him about the assault incident on email, in order to deal with a potential criminal case, instead of responding to her, Binny employed yet another security firm to put a lid on the matter. The second security firm tried to hammer out a monetary compensation. But it seems the lady demanded a much higher compensation.

Build it and they will come: Thai developers pour billions into retail | Reuters

Excited to check this mall out next time I am in Bangkok.

Good quotes here from Pomelo.

Fair point on logistics and the first purchase being in store.

Build it and they will come: Thai developers pour billions into retail | Reuters:

Even e-commerce in Thailand is turning to malls. (JD.O) fashion retailer Pomelo saw an untapped customer segment after experimenting with pop-up stores, said CEO David Jou.

“We found that some customers didn’t feel comfortable making their first purchase online, but liked our products.”

The Bangkok-based startup, which has its fifth store in Iconsiam, where e-commerce is growing, says physical stores familiarize customers with products before they place digital orders.

Shops create brand recognition and double as a pick-up point for online orders, simplifying logistics, he said.

Investing in Southeast Asia: What’s Behind the Boom – Bain & Company

Nice time to be investing in SEA


Investing in Southeast Asia: What’s Behind the Boom – Bain & Company:

At a Glance

Bain research shows that Southeast Asia’s investment ecosystem is entering a new phase of growth. We expect that by 2024, the region will give rise to at least 10 new companies with a market value of more than $1 billion each.

More than 1,300 companies in Southeast Asia received a first round of seed financing since 2011, including 261 in 2017—five times the level of 2011.

Total deal value over the next five years is likely to reach $70 billion, double the level of the previous five years.