Recap/Schedule #1

I am going to try and to do this every week so that people can see what has been going on and look for what is happening during the week ahead. My upcoming widget in the sidebar will show you event info and you can see where I am going on TripIt – Dopplr is dead to me now.

beer_pizzaIt was a busy past week. Had some meetings with local startups like hungrygowhere, gothere, and some others I can’t mention yet. I also attended beer/pizza night at GARAG3 over at the NUS. It was fun to meet everyone and get to know the local startup/incubation scene. It is good to see a group focused on helping startups get productive fast and work on growing their business throughout the region. I plan on doing more with them.

Also want to make people aware of HackerSpace Singapore – I think this is a great idea and really want to see it happen. Pledge now – pledge often. I for one plan on signing up and hope to hang out when I can at the space.

This week I will be in Jakarta. There are 2 events that I will be at:

Mobile Monday and an event I am hasting at Wetiga.

That’s it for now.

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