Back from Vietnam!

After open Hack Day Jakarta – I went straight over to Vietnam for another week on the road. HCMC (Saigon) for a few days and then Hanoi to close it off. Met a bunch of startup and some of the local VC players. Thanks to the IDG guys for showing me around a bit.

Given freedom of speech issues news type sites are not the order of the day in Vietnam – unlike places in Indonesia where news, community and user generated content are huge.

However there is some cool stuff going on.

For a local map player trying to go the Yelp model check:

For more of a review based site check:

Then there is the Moore group building some community stuff and infratructure for other online players:

For financial stuff there is:

Football betting:

Popular women’s site:

Leading jobs site:

Online dictionary:

Music and entertainment:

Also, given the VN FB mess, this local social network site is growing:

Also – can’t leave out the big kahuna in the online game space:

I am sure there are more – was a busy week.

The internet is in pure growth mode but the sites seem to be very locally focused with mostly no English interfaces. I have yet to meet any players who profess to wanting to grow their sites/companies outside of Vietnam. Not sure this is smart or not – it could be the move for now but I think big ideas will need to target the SEA region – not just Vietnam.

In Manila this week, then Thailand and then back to Vietnam.

Location stuff a topic everywhere I go.

carry on!

2 thoughts on “Back from Vietnam!

  1. My apologies. This is not a complete list – just a first post.

    Thanks for adding that in though – appreciate the help!

    Will be at barcamp indeed!


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