The Elbow Room : Good Eats : Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Traveling as much as I do I consider myself somewhat of a foodie and try to get out of the hotels as much as I can to get something to eat. I am always looking for breakfast joints because I love to take the paper/book and sit down to a nice breakfast while chilling out. Finding cool breakfast chill places in Southeast Asia is not easy. You can find a lot of coffee shops or pseudo breakfast places but nothing like the diner or cafes I am used to.

In Vietnam there are tons of coffee shops and many of them have wifi but they tend to have lame food. The notion of Vietnamese breakfast is like bread an egg and lettuce with a tomato slice. Or the bakery type places have lots of croissants and such but I want a real breakfast.

So I had read in the Jetstar magazine about a place called The Elbow Room in HCMC – don’t bothering googling for it since you hardly find anything. The URL to the place is here : but there is no site. Email though :

The address is 52 Pasteur Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phone is 848 3821 4327

Map – not perfect but I think close.

On to the place. It is a cool little bistro type place. Feels like it should be in NY or San Francisco. The decor is brick, wood and some paintings. Music is cool and chill. Service is great and the staff are attentive without getting in your face and speak good english.

Place is not cheap, cheap but not over the top either. Portions are decent and the quality it good. I had the lumberjack breakfast which is eggs, bacon, ham, toast, home fried potatoes and 2 pancaked. Also had iced coffee and some fresh orange juice. About 240k vnd all in. They could use a better bacon and in my opinion drop the ham. Pancakes and bread were good but nice if it came with some jam. Coffee was great and the OJ okay but not amazing. All in all though it was tasty and a nice place to chill for a bit while reading the paper.

I may hit it for dinner sometime but right now it could just stay my breakfast joint for HCMC until I find something better.

Any suggestions?

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