Daring Fireball, Vietnam, iPhones – the world is so small!

It is strange when reading the web and you come across funky connect the dots type of reads. I spend a fair amount of time in Vietnam and have been watching the market closely. I also read Daring Fireball a bunch and appreciate his blend of tech and news. It was a treat today to check his blog to see a link to a Vietnam iPhone app. The app is called CatPaint:


Strange but true – I guess the weird stuff wins in the nascent Vietnamese iPhone market. As far as I know there is still not an official carrier but the hacking on iPhones in Vietnam is legendary. Even hardware based unlocking as shown here. You see a fair amount of iPhones in Vietnam – even stored dedicated to selling, unlocking and servicing them.

Playing with iPhones in Vietnam I have not seen anything real killer but you will see useful apps related to finding places and people. I like this model and think it has legs – one of the ones I have been following is diadiem which has an iPhone version. There is also Thodia but I don’t think they have an iPhone app yet. Something to watch for.

Lots going on in Vietnam. I was just at Barcamp Saigon and met a lot of cool people. Lots of follow up needed. Hope to be back next month.

Tonight I will be at HackerspaceSG and will write more about the local scene soon!

Some photos from Barcamp Saigon:



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