How do you feel about Google?

It is funny that since I started working at Yahoo! – anytime I mention my dislike of Google I get told I work for Yahoo! so I have to hate Google. Most people don’t always know that I have not been at Yahoo! for more than a few months and prior to Yahoo! I did not like where Google was going. It seems as of late that if Google could buy the Internet they would. Google used to look like the reliable technology partner to build on but anymore, unless you are planning to get bought by them, then you are most surely bound to compete with them.

Maybe not today but someday cause it looks like Google plans to do it all. Those in the valley or the techcrunch fanboys love this because they think the whole world is silicon valley – but it is not. They write articles and purport that anything Google does must be good for the masses but more and more Google appears to be squashing anything in sight so they can put an ad on the Internet – the complete internet. DNS servers – u must be kidding?

One of my new tech/motorcycle friends summed it up well:

What I don’t understand is that the people of Google are not stupid.  But if they start competing in every sector/segment/business online, then no one is going to want to work with them.  Google may be your partner today but may be your competitor tomorrow.  How can they not see that this is a huge problem they are making for themselves?

This is true but I think Google is now deciding that they are big enough to do it all and frankly they just don’t care since they have enough money and clout to buy whatever they can’t build. Google employees don’t care cause most of them are rich anyway – so don’t expect any moral compasses from the minions. Money trumps any sense of doing right – always has.

Microsoft tried this before, doing it all, but the Internet set them back a bit – nice article on that here:

Another premise is that everyone always thinks Google is the best search engine and in many ways it used to be and for some things still is but I find more and more the searches to be pretty lame and the noise around them to be too high.

Great article on this:

Google has become a snake that too readily consumes its own keyword tail. Identify some words that show up in profitable searches — from appliances, to mesothelioma suits, to kayak lessons — churn out content cheaply and regularly, and you’re done. On the web, no-one knows you’re a content-grinder.

The result, however, is awful. Pages and pages of Google results that are just, for practical purposes, advertisements in the loose guise of articles, original or re-purposed. It hearkens back to the dark days of 1999, before Google arrived, when search had become largely useless, with results completely overwhelmed by spam and info-clutter.

It seems Google needs to be reminded of why they became popular to begin with?

What I am most stunned with though is the myriads of startups and wanna be hackers constantly lapping up all that Google has to offer and then over beers and coffee wondering why their companies can’t get funded, bought out or compete with – well Google. So the millions of fanboys feed the beast and then wonder why competing with the beast is so hard.

Get a clue folks. When you wanted to compete or tear down Microsoft or anyone else did you use a MSFT PC to do it? No – you would attack using your Mac or your Linux box or whatever. The same goes here – use Google to power your search, your email or your startup then expect them to get bigger and bigger. Don’t cry if the mouth you feed comes back to bite you.

Pretty simple stuff.

Even Mozilla is coming to grips with this very issue.

It is a tough space out there – unless you are the Yelps of the world.

5 thoughts on “How do you feel about Google?

  1. Check this from today:….Interesting. Need to read the blog post.This came in from FB:Sukimin IrawanInteresting read but what should Google do? Stay still and let the competitors catch up? How far can you stretch a search engine or portal? If you have the money that Google has what would you do with it or rather if you are running Google instead of Yahoo, what would you do?— I am not sure this has anything to do with yahoo versus google – not what I was talking about. I was more discussing the issues that arises as Google grows and decides to compete in a spot they once allowed partners to compete in.Obviously they also feel weird about this or their guy would not have authored a “Open will win” manifesto.I don't have the answers here but I do feel strongly that Google might have to realize that some people won't feel that they are doing good with some of their moves as of late.A very good example is how Google keeps mocking or laughing at the very idea of privacy: “On the Web, the new form of commerce is the exchange of personal information for something of value. This is a transaction that millions of us participate in every day, and it has potentially great benefits. An auto insurer could monitor a customer's driving habits in real time and give a discount for good driving–or charge a premium for speeding–powered by information (GPS tracking) that wasn't available only a few years ago,” Rosenberg wrote.It's safe to say that a sizable contingent of people do not share his belief that allowing real-time tracking of your movements by private companies–especially ones who sell a product that almost all U.S. residents who drive a car are legally obligated to purchase–is a good idea.


  2. I hav a beef with the people at Google Play..-They are quite conceited and the batch of young people they hired ~ had mockingely Assessed my call asap and the path. part of it Is it just showed through


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