Back to the salt mines!

Well. I had some semblance of real holiday this year. Being in the tech game I find the best part about my holidays is getting away from tech – I mean kind of. Tech is so important in life that even leisure time is made more special via technology.

I finally broke down this year and got a motorbike. For all my life I have had them but since moving to Asia some ten years ago I have been without. Sad really that I let it go this long. Anyway – 2010 looks to be a good year and I bought the bike for Christmas. Already put 800 km on it in a short time. What can I say other than BMWs are worth every penny.

ABS brakes, LED lights and lots of goodies make tech such an integral part of the experience. Since I am in Thailand I could not possibly get around with maps and street signs so of course I added a Garmin GPS and realize I could not live without it. Anyway – tech is cool stuff. Packed a bag, grabbed the Blackberry and I was on the great road exploring places in Thailand I have never seen. Awesome.

Now back to the real world.

My last post, about Google, is now one of the most read on my blog. I think many people are thinking about this subject more and more. The whole notion of being open, doing no evil and so on is an interesting topic no matter where you sit in the world of tech. I am not saying I have the answers but it all reminds me of the MSFT battle for taking over the world. Only time will reveal the answer but either way it is a hot debate.

Lots of stuff from lots of different angle. From the simple consumer side I guess most people think all this stuff from Google is amazing but for me when I look closer I see the rise of one company dominating too many important pieces end-to-end and utterly changing the face of the Internet or computing as we know it. Some of the results will be good for us all but I worry about the monopolistic position, evasions of privacy and the future ad models.

For me I think my feeling about China applies – the idea that as long as China supplies cheap capital and cheap goods the world looks the other way when it comes to human rights, freedom of speech and universal suffrage. I see Google as China and the world, the basic consumer, uses all the free stuff while turning their back on the future implications for what the rise of Google might mean when it comes to the future of the Internet.

Heady times.

Next up – is Singapore the next Silicon Valley?

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