MSFT struggling to be relevant…

If there is one thing you have to love about the great Google heist is how much it is hurting MSFT to the core. Sure – before everyone chimes in to say MSFT still sells boatloads of Office, Windows and now xBox – they are careening towards irrelevance with winmo and they have been at this tablet thing for like 4 years now but no one cares. MSFT tablet is not defining a new marketplace – Jobs will. End of story.

So for the media to pretend that Ballmer is stealing some thunder borders on laughable. It would be better if the media told the truth – as soon as jobs unveils the new thing, call it what you will, no one will even remember what the hell a MSFT tablet is.

So Ballmer is using his only chance he has because pretty soon no one will be listening. Zune anyone?

Even funnier is the big MSFT partner is busily working on the Android tablet.

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