The US continually showing how behind the times it is…

Just coming back from the US – yes I froze my ass off – I am always surprised when I see the media playing up some cool idea that they think is novel or even innovative. Yes – the US is home to the googles, apples and 4squares but the US is not always the first place ideas are played out.

It was funny to read GigaOm today and see them touting the new Boost mobile Blackberry plan. Folks Indonesia did this sometime ago and it is one of the reasons the Blackberry is kicking butt in Indonesia. You can even buy day to day mobile plans. Some folks buy the mon-fri plan so they don’t have to deal with email on the weekends. Nice. Anyway – get in line Boost. This has been done already but it is a smart move.

Good to see puppet boy getting rewarded for running Sun into the ground. Props.

As of today this month’s stats have past last month’s stats. That’s all I can ask.

I will be in Jakarta w-fri, give me a shout if you are in town.

Next month : Roofcamp #6 in Manila.


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