Kudos to Monster and Dynamic (Monster Thailand)

Usually when people write about products or product companies they are bitching. I have done it many times myself but for this post I will be offering up my gratitude for a job well done. About 4 months back I picked up some Dr. Dre Beats Headphones. They rock. Amazing bass, great noise canceling, comfortable, great gadgets (iPhone wire) and look cool. They also fold up nicely. About a month ago they cracked on me – right near where the hardware is for the slider mechanism. Clearly it is a defect or a design flaw since I am not the only one to have experienced this.

I went to the Monster website and I was NOT able to use the support form. Kept bombing on me – one little niggle I guess. Finally I got through and received an email saying I needed to contact the distributor in the country I purchased them. With this I do have a complaint though – what if you are traveling or on holiday – how would you get your headphones replaced? I do think Monster is a big enough company to deal with this issue and should address it. Meaning I should be able to get my Monster equipment replaced at any Monster deal. Globalization folks – get with the program.

Other than that all I have is praise.

I emailed the distributor in Bangkok, Thailand – Dynamic and they quickly replied saying I just needed to bring in the headphones with my receipt for a replacement. Problem was I could not find my receipt. I found my credit card statement and emailed that and explained where I had bought them since there are not many places in Thailand to buy them. The manager emailed me back to say no problem and to bring them in.

I did. Within 5 mins I was out the door with my brand new pair. I will note they are clearly the 2nd generation with a new ear cup design and the slider has been reworked. The plastic even feels different so it must mean they had problem with the 1st gen. Good for me – I got a new set and the new design. They sounds awesome!

Thanks to Monster and Dynamic for awesome customer service. Hard to come by these days!

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