Thrilla in Manila!

4343125846_e8e61eb4ab_oI am in Manila this week cranking away and wondering how I might get invited back on TWIA. Might have to grovel soon…

Anyway. Lots going on.

First off is a developer event with Globe Labs tomorrow night. Looking forward to meeting people and seeing how I can help. While I was walking through Greenbelt this afternoon I saw this QIR sign for BB users of Globe. I meant to try it but I am not on Globe. Cool to see this type of stuff happening.

Thursday night I will be at roofcamp #6 – looks to be fun. Hope to meet lots of new folks there.

The rest of the week is chock full of meetings.

I have ran into Brian of finally. I was trying to figure out who was behind but it took Mohan over at e27 to make the connection for me. Six degrees of Mohan lately. We had lunch at Myron’s Place in Greenbelt 5. I must say it was a tasty steak and a nice place to chill.

Good call Brian!

Well that is it for now. Gotta get back to work.

Hope to see people at some of the events over the next few days.


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