Fireball at it again…

Love reading Daring Fireball and every once in a while buried in his topics are some goodies.

His latest about Mozilla is so another one of those nuggets:

Mozilla, as an organization, doesn’t seem to value mobile computing as a top priority. Yes, they have mobile initiatives. But the only platform they have a mobile browser for is Nokia Maemo. All of you using a Nokia Maemo, please raise your hands. Crickets. Compare and contrast with WebKit, which I suspect will soon have more mobile than desktop users.

The needs of mobile computing are driving the adoption of H.264 HTML5 video more than anything else, but Mozilla doesn’t feel that pressure because it isn’t a mobile company. And at this point, “not a mobile company” is getting hard to distinguish from “not a relevant company”.

Ouch. Not so much about Mozilla in general but about the harsh realization that if you are not focused on mobile you might as well pack it in. As tough as it is to swallow it probably will become a realization of the computing world’s future.

Oh and Nokia – you are so screwed. The n900 probably has a chance to get you back in the game and I can’t even get my hands on one.


One thought on “Fireball at it again…

  1. Gruber is great when he talks about Macs and Apple. When he goes off-topic, to areas where he is not an expert, where he does not have all of the information, his rants may be fun to read but not information worth acting on.


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