According to Jetstar you should visit Santika in Bangkok!

I travel on Jetstar from time to time and usually enjoy reading their inflight magazine – especially the part in the back of the magazine that introduces various Jetstar destinations and places to visit while there. They use celebs or regional luminaries that share their top picks. I always find new places this way. Love it.

However, while reading the March 2010 issue, I was stunned to see a spot about Bangkok that was using Julian Moss, CEO of ASM Liquor, suggestion that travelers to Bangkok, Thailand should visit Santika. Wait a sec. At first I thought I was reading an old issue but I made sure it was the latest.

For the record, Santika had a horrific fire on New Year’s Eve 2008 with many people dying or seriously injured. One of the worst tragedies in Thailand. I am just a tad stunned that this suggestion of a location would be in a March 2010 magazine. I am not sure who to blame. Either the CEO of ASM Liquor is out of touch with reality or this is an old piece that was just recently printed. If so then the editor of the Magazine needs to be blamed.

Either way – someone needs to fall on their sword. This is hugely insensitive and hopefully not many Thai people were forced to read this issue and remember the tragedy.

Here is a photo of the magazine so no one thinks I am making this up:


4 thoughts on “According to Jetstar you should visit Santika in Bangkok!

  1. magazine editor:appreciate the reply but it still leaves some questions.1. Are the recommendations in your magazine always 13 months out of date?2. Is there no vetting process to verify the details prior to printing?thanks again for replying:)


    1. bezel – I don't recall asking for an apology. More highlighting the gross oversight in the editorial process.I think that is pretty real. buddy.


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