I have this love/hate relationship with facebook. I started using it years ago and found it a fun way to reconnect with people and kind of, but not really, meet new friends. Meaning I met people on it but it was not like meeting real people, in real life who eventually become friends. When meeting people in real life you either become real friends or you just don’t really talk to them again. No harm, no foul but I don’t have to delete them – so in this case real life seams just simpler than FB.

What is becoming increasingly clear though is that FB keeps getting more complicated and for the most part less useful. The new exporting of my likes to the planet and the everyone, including my mother, showing up on it actually makes the product even less appealing. Oh yeah – it is just a product folks – not a life, the internet or the world. Lest we forget that we all existed without FB and could very well function without it in the future if needed. The new theme that FB is the internet or that publishing, social and “like” are doomed without FB is almost comical.

Leave it to Gruber to succinctly tell it like it is – as always:


Now we have the NYT making a nice little chart about the complexity of the FB privacy model –


Ouch – that gives you a sense of how out of hand it has gotten and shows you how little FB cares about how any of us feel about it.

My friend Shanan writes about it the growth of FB that continues unchecked despite how many of seem to be using the product less and less but of course the growth continues until all of us are using FB. Then what happens?

I don’t know since I won’t proclaim to predict the future but I can tell you this – FB is less appealing than it was – for me anyway.

2 thoughts on “FB

  1. My problem with Facebook is that most of its 400 million users have no idea that their data is now being opened up to the internet public. It's Facebook's best interest that the previously-protected data is opened up, so Facebook is half-assed in explaining the policy changes to the users.


    1. great point – but I think overtime people will sort it out and will wonder if FB really is that important or worth. I question it myself all the time!:)


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