Arrington is finally onto something!

I was reading this post today by Arrington and was LMAO – it is so spot on.

For the years I lived in Thailand I was generally running around with a cheap Nokia phone – something like this. I think I paid like 40 USD for it – brand new. Slapped my SIM card in it and I off I went. I was always able to get any of the cheap phones to sync using Bluetooth to my MAC so I was always up and running with my full address book quickly. Battery life is killer on these phones and call quality is amazing with the ability to make calls in elevators most of the time.

It is amazing how smart phones add in all the whiz-bang stuff but seem to fall down on the normal stuff – like making calls.

This is the good stuff though:

And really, for certain social situations, like dinners, all this phone activity needs to stop anyway. If you can’t check into Foursquare or Gowalla with your phone, you definitely won’t be. I found I was having actual conversations with people instead. While my tiny prepaid phone sat lightly in my pocket, humming on a full battery charge.

When all your phone is for is making calls – then you tend to use it less and actually interact with the real world. Nice!

My prediction is having “dumb” phones will be the new cool thing!

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