The battle of the Century!

Read this first:


A shame Yahoo! was left out but oh well – the info is sound but probably does not correctly reflect that the big war is between Google and Apple. At Google I/O it was very evident that Google knows who they are battling – Apple. What I find so childish is though Google having to throw jabs all day at Apple. We all know that the guy who brags or claims to want to take you down is the guy who most people don’t respect. Google may win or may not but being so cocky about it is lame, lame.

Here is Cedric going on about it, former Google employee heading to Linked-In, and I think he is wrong. Whether or not Google will surpass Apple is beside the point – being arrogant about it to me is so unprofessional. One thing I like about Apple is they tend to keep their head down, produce and innovate. Google is a huge innovator but the cocky attitude is getting tiresome – especially coming from such a cutthroat company constantly breaching privacy rules while pretending it was an accident.

It was good to see Kara point out that Google I/O would have been better without the arrogance. I had assumed given Schmidt’s experience at Sun that he would have seen how McNealy’s constant chest pounding and jabs never got Sun anywhere – well other than sold to Oracle. 🙂

Crazy times but I think the quiet superstar always comes off better than the arrogant one.

2 thoughts on “The battle of the Century!

  1. Apple has had its share of competitor bashing as well, have you already forgotten how often they made fun of Microsoft over the years? (“Redmond, start your copiers” and similar)


    1. Not saying they have never done it but I think that was the steve of the past – he has calmed down a bit – just like Ballmer.Anyway – it is all good fun but I think Google pushed it a bit yesterday and they would have looked better without it.


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