How to be on the grid less?

Just got back from the US for work, Sunnyvale, and catching up with friends and my family. Had a fantastic trip – some photos. I need to post the rest of my photos – just been too busy. I ate too much, slept a little, road close to 1000 miles on a rented BMW and spent countless hours with the 2 most important people in the world – my folks.

When I spend that much time on a bike I am reminded of what I think life is actually for and it is not computers or the internet. It is spending time with people and doing things you enjoy. For me that would be riding a motorcycle in odd places – like say Thailand or Laos. I am getting the bike in fine order with each trip back to the states. This last trip I brought back a new helmet, some PIAA lights, frame set and more boxes. So at this point I am mostly setup but might make some tweaks to suspension, exhaust and so on as I go. Stuff I don’t have to have but might make it more fun. Point is I am almost there for some cross border riding. Slight issues of licensing and registration notwithstanding.

My next trip might be from Bkk to somewhere in Isaan. 🙂

Apart from hanging with friends and family I can think of no other thing more interesting in life. Of course I have to work, to finance these desires, and I am stoked to be working on fun things with amazing

Lately I have been watching the Long Way Down and going nuts.

Anyway all this brings me to the personal conflict I deal with all the time – which is working in a hyper competitive online world, not how I was raised, but yet yearning for a non hyper offline world for my personal enjoyment. One thing I love about riding my motorbike is the no phone, no music, no computer mantra but yet being on a machine. Thrills me to no end.

I was listening to one of my fav podcasts, fresh air, and heard another interview about Gary Shteyngart regarding his new book. His very near term view of the world is probably not far off. Scary as fuck really. Almost depresses me but yet I continue to thrive in using online tools for my gain but yet trying to counter them with other items like motorcycle riding, reading books and bucking the establishment. All good fun but somehow I wonder if we are actually making the world a better place or not. I have my doubts.

I can remember growing up in the boonies with no electricity, always reading, taking hikes for enjoyment and just hanging with my family wondering if there was more to life than that. Of course I was on my motorcycle about every day as well but that was just assumed. I continually ask myself if that was the best time in my life ever but yet I know I wouldn’t want to be a kid again.

I guess what I am yearning for is to some way get off the grid more. Not an easy task.

I will be in and out of this conference this week – should be interesting.

2 thoughts on “How to be on the grid less?

  1. wanna know what's the farthest thing in our life? it's our past, i think!no matter how bad or sweet our past, we can't go back there.only can lock it in our memory to remember it sometimes or let it go forever :-)how to be on the grid less?good question! i'll find out my answer in my own life too.#inspiring me to review my own life 🙂


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