Much to do!

Just wrapped up another TWIA – check this video!

We should have another one this week with some special guests from Indonesia!

This week in Indo and then off to Bkk for Barcamp. This is one of the biggest in the region!

After Barcamp back to Singers and then maybe KL, Indo and possibly China.

So much going on but still having fun.

cya at barcamp!

ps. just back from India – more on that later. Some photos here.

4 thoughts on “Much to do!

  1. Barcamp Bkk will be tomorrow. so u should go there today, fly directly from Jakarta, i think!

    No picture in TWIA, voice only.
    I already saw video Leo Laporte Says Screw TWIA in your Flickr, it's cool!
    I really like to see how Leo Laporte talk, full spirit & warm ๐Ÿ™‚

    Btw, trip everywhere, eh? #make me envy hahaha
    Just take a good care of your healthy to enjoy your trip & finish your duty.

    I wait here report from Barcamp Bkk, it should be great!


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