Android versus iPhone

I won’t get into the nuances of Android OS versus iOS since this is not meant to be a technical dissertation. I remember an old buddy of mine constantly arguing with another buddy about PC versus Windoze. He used to say – everyone drives a Toyota does that mean I have to? I want to drive a Porsche – they make me feel good, they look cooler and they are expensive so less people have them. Status – does mean something to some people but not so much in a pretentious way but in a – well I work hard and I want to have what I want – what I can afford. Is it a crime? During this time Apple looked to be over and chumps like Michael Dell were saying Apple should close up and return money to shareholders. I think Apple could buy like 10 Dells now – not machines but the company.

So here we are again with the age old debates of the digerati telling you, the consumer, what you should buy. I carried a Nexus for like 6 months. It was okay. Nothing amazing really but then again I am not a big Google guy and the Android phones only excel if you are married to Google. My activesync hooks would die about every 4 weeks and I would lose email and contacts since the configs does not sync to the cloud – only the data does. I don’t use gMail and a lot of the other services only seem really relevant to the US.  Sure it was a smart phone and it killed my BB in every way but the battery life was deplorable and I honestly mostly used it a wi-fi hotspot. Which is a cool thing – I wish my iPhone did that.

I decided to get an iPhone 4, I have never had an iPhone, and I well – I can’t get enough of it. Better syncing, better battery, better camera and lots of wicked apps. Better app store and it syncs like a charm to iTunes. Yes – all of us know iTunes is the Trojan horse and I accepted that fate when I bought my first iPod 5gb – cause well it worked.

So now I am back to using my device to enhance my life more – rather than caring about openness, freedom and all the shit that honestly means very little to overall user experience. I reminds me back when I had to convince my friends that paying more for my Mac was worth every penny – yes Windoze was cheaper but overall it was more expensive cause it wasted too much of my precious time. I think the same with my iPhone. Maybe Android is more open, cheaper and so on – so? A Yamaha is cheaper than a BMW motorcycle – but ask me which one I would rather ride? A BMW. Any day of the week.

My point is – people buy what makes them feel good and what enhances their life. Android will appeal to some people but it won’t appeal to me. Is that such a big deal?

As usual DF sums it up well:

The differences between the iOS App Store and Android Market are a microcosm of the differences between Apple and Google. Apple is a retailer, a purveyor of well-crafted goods that people will line up to purchase. Google is an advertising company that builds popular services that command large audiences.

There’s a difference in culture — from the platform creators, from the developers writing software for the two platforms, and from what the users of these devices expect. For iOS, it’s about emotional appeal — art, design, the ineffable.


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