Fun with Indian politics during #openhackindia

india politics, a set on Flickr.

Staying at the lalit ashok Bangalore which is near the BGP party headquarters. Last night there was a chief minister here supposedly resigning from politics. Total mob scene. I had to get through the line and almost got trampled by a cop but was saved by the huge hotel dude in the red turban.

Fun times!

2 thoughts on “Fun with Indian politics during #openhackindia

  1. Hehehe…Yeah, Even I felt very scared when Police n Media were shouting out there…At the first thought, I guessed, It was for the Open Hack 🙂 But, later realized it was for the meetings. and its BJP* Party 😀 


    1. Was pretty nutty all around watching the fuss over one person coming and going from a hotel.

      OHD was fun though!


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