iOS 5 spotted in Singapore

I arrived at 1am this morning and  with plenty of jet lag on tap I decided to get going on the new iOS 5 download.

Download was about 90 mins from Singapore – kind of long. Apple needs to host some bits around here.

Sync. Backup. New OS and then restore. Wait – it says my restore needs a password for the encryption. I never encrypted it. Damn.

Did a freshie – no restore. Pain in the ass but I have had no issues. Just took some time to get everything set up again. Kind of a nice way to start over though.

Love the notifications. So much cleaner and easier to deal with.

iMessage is awesome.

Things feel snappier.

Not sure on iCloud yet. Need more testing.

Love the camera from lock screen access.

Battery life looks good.

Need to play more.

Maybe upgrade the iPad tonight.

Macbook Air upgraded but have yet to play with it.

more soon…

I want an iPhone 4S I think…

2 thoughts on “iOS 5 spotted in Singapore

    1. I know u r on your apple hater streak but it’s still the better phone. Let’s see what motogoogle can cook up. Still waiting for a decent android phone with more than a half a days battery life.

      How’s the new bike?


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