To the Doers…

Been a busy couple of weeks with work, events and some good old-fashioned networking. Say what you will about social networking, great tool – the real meat of networking is meeting real people, bonding and discussing things – yes things.

I covered some of my activity here.

Hats off to viki for their huge round of funding:

Heard about this site today – looks cool:

I attended this last night and met some folks from Ubisoft – I didn’t realize they were so big in Singapore.

Did you know that this is engineered in Singapore? Was cool to meet Steve from Chumby last night as well.

All in all – a lot of activity in Singapore but you have to dig past the headlines and the events to find the real doers – the folks building companies, heading up multi-national operations and the other peeps running around to ensure the ecosystem takes off. I have every faith that it will – just a matter of time.

Back to work..








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