Edelweiss Fondue House and Restaurant :: Pattaya, Thailand

With the parents in town I figured it was time to try some place new – so last night we hit www.edelweissth.com. It is located at Thap Praya Road Soi 13.

It is a converted house with outdoor and patio dining. Speciality is Swiss food, cheese Fondue and I guess what you would call meat fondue as well. We ordered 3 platters. 1 was the cheese fondue and bread. The other was sliced beef platter that you cook in a broth – the third platter was cubed meat that you cook in oil. Each platter came with soup and salad bar which was quite simple but tasty.

I had a glass of white and the parents had soda and a water. Total bill was like 1500 baht and we were absolutely stuffed. Everything was tasty – tables were small so was hard to manage all the burners and food but still was quite enjoyable. We ate on the patio with a cool breeze and great conversations.

Looks like the owner is always around and is there to make sure everyone has a good meal. I plan on going back to try something else and of course have another cheese fondue.

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