Who you know and how you treat them…

Was reading this today by Derek,  http://sivers.org/xn:

So if it seems that there’s an uncrossable canyon between you and your heroes, don’t forget that all it takes is one connection to catch your rope, so you can shimmy across. And you can do this from anywhere by creating great stuff online, and reaching out to potential friends.

So very true. I don’t think I would be doing what I am doing or having the career that I have had if it were not for connections. What strikes me today though is how far back the connections go and how much they would be affected by how I treated people. I have called upon old connections for new ventures and new connections but there would be no reason for the connections to help if I had treated people poorly. I am sure I have treated some connections poorly and it will come back to me. That is karma. So build your connections early, treat them well and do what you can to help others. It will come back you someday in the future.


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