Revel in the execution

I think at times I blog for my own therapy. Possibly to remind myself of what is important.

to take great pleasure or delight

I use instapaper but sometimes it can get the better of me cause I will use it too much but then never read the links. So I have to go through and purge it from time to time. Delete some stuff, file some stuff, read some stuff and blog about some links I saved.

So here is one read I am still enjoying – .

This happens to me all the time. I start to freak out about not formulating enough new ideas or not thinking of the next new thing. Don’t get me wrong – it is good to brainstorm and of course any product guy has to be thinking about what is next. At the same time though my to do list of things that I know needs to get done is plenty long.

Hell – Asana is so full at times I am looking for an exit sign.

What I am constantly grinding on is how to juggle executing what needs to get done, thinking about new things, figuring out what new things to do and then circling back to adding them to the execution queue. It feels at times like a brutal merry go around – but hey if it was easy – everyone would be doing it. Executing is not easy. So I will get better at reveling in the execution.

Still hunting for the best way to bubble sort the new ideas though…


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