Singapore – the ecosystem

There are times I sour on the sing scene or get skeptical.

However this has been one of those weeks where I feel the vibe that could be the Singapore startup scene.

Slowly but surely more and more people who matter are focusing on the series A problem. Will it get solved? I don’t know but there are people thinking it might and I want to believe.

There are huge markets surrounding Singapore and Singapore is a great place to attack them – safely. I see this more and more.

Random, but important people, keep dropping in on Singapore to check out the scene and judge if it makes sense for them to be here in some way. To me this is the most important part cause this idea that the scene will be made up of locals just won’t happen. It needs to be as internationally influenced as possible – similar to Silicon Valley. Every week that goes by I see the inflow of people looking into the sing tech scene grow. This is positive.

There is much for Singapore to get right before it really takes off but I feel confident it will get there.

carry on…

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