Apple does need to fix the AppStore

Just saw this on pando:

It makes some good points but I think it over complicates it.

I have written before about the app stores –

I personally think a broad fix that would make a huge difference is just allowing people that have already shipped an update to easily ship updates. They could have make it a quota system where each app developer gets 6 unchecked updates a year with no hassles. So as needed we could ship fixes or updates without waiting for approval.

If someone ships something bad or breaks the rules then they get this privilege revoked.

Anything to make shipping updates and bug fixes simple and controlled by the dev so that we can keep improving and fixing bugs as needed. It kills me how easy it is to update my google app but at the same time google should have a proper approval process for new apps – the amount of shit in the play store is stunning.

We need changes.


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