Blog Tennis – more Yahoo! messenger talk…

I have played with Jon over at powered by

Now figured I would go a round with Bernard Leong over at with his post: powered by

I am still just a simple self-hosted wordpress kind of guy in need of a new theme.

Bernard summarized this about my post :

While in a multi-national corporation setup, strategy takes the centre stage. Unfortunately, coupled with bureaucratic processes, the organisation loses her nimbleness to move quickly and in the process, missed out opportunities that might disrupt or take the company to the next level. Recently, my friend, Michael Smith told a tale based on his experience in trying to pitch a path for Yahoo! Messenger. In his anecdote, he obtained the support of the CEO but the people who blocked the process turned out to be the heads of the region who would most likely to benefit. As a result, a startup coming from nowhere called TenCent, become a multi-national corporation and did what Yahoo! and Microsoft could not do: monetizing their messenger clients.

Bernard probably said what I wanted to say but more succinctly. What stuns me though is not only the giants like Tencent accomplished this but a ton of new entrants are taking a pretty good swipe at it. Yahoo – still sits on the sidelines. Personally I think if they don’t plan on really gunning for taking messenger to a new level they would be better off shutting it down since god knows they can’t sell it. It is way too intertwined with the Yahoo backend.

There are smart peeps over at Yahoo and they have lots of expertise in messaging, content, personalization and gaming – still hoping someone over there manages to pull something cool together from all the pieces.




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