Some photos of my trip to Brooklyn…

One of the cool things about the states is the whole maker culture. On my trip I stopped by a small tech, art, maker incubator space and met some cool peeps.

Saw some cool stuff.

Here is the view from the roof:


Manhattan across the way, new World Trade building and so on. Love it.


These are the plans for the new building which is using an old ship factory. They are keeping the old structure and building inside of it.


View of construction. Going to be a few years yet.


One of the tenants builds the brackets to make these shelves. The idea being you buy the brackets and source your own local wood. You can build practically any thing with the setup.


Another tenant is a motorcycle designer who build entire fabricated bikes. Right now he is working for Triumph on a special project. Super cool dude.


This was the most killer thing. A sort of levitating table where each cube is separated by super crazy magnets. Takes 2 weeks or more per table. The tables are being bought up by a super rich tech dude that I can’t name.

All in all this is the cool stuff I miss about America.



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