Singapore Rising…

I attended the Fucking Cool Brunch yesterday and was gently reminded of how far the scene has come in Singapore – events, quality of people, the interesting performance art, food, drinks and of course the tech. Being a techy I have to monitor this but as I have said before I think Singapore as an HQ for Global Companies keeps looking better and better. Yes – there are issues. Series A, employments visas, spaces to work and so on but I hope they will all be overcome as Singapore keeps evolving the model and marching on.

At the Brunch I met someone from MediaCorp and we had a nice healthy discussion around Singapore, the tech scene and the possible future landscape. Of course I can quickly digress and focus on the negatives but there is a reason I am in Singapore. I chose it. I value the residency capability, the rule of law, the infrastructure and the burgeoning scene. I feel that although there might be better better places to live or what some perceive as better markets – my gut says Singapore will come out on top of the SEA heap and become a place where one could setup, build and exit a global startup. I can’t prove this, yet, but it’s how I feel.

Apart from all of this the activity right now is high and the quality is good.

We have a conference/event scene that is always improving :: , , – I am sure there are examples of others but these are the ones I am into.

Then there is just all the periphery activity that is slowly evolving that is cementing the Startup Scene in Singapore:

Isaac penned a great Startup FAQ here ::

Although I am not a huge Rocket fan you can’t ignore the activity they are bringing ::


The new 500 Durians Fund ::

The success of JFDI :: – looking forward to demo night tomorrow night. I will try to live tweet my reactions. 😉

In general the mainstream tech press, written by a local, is waking up to the size and opportunity in SEA ::

Yes – still waiting for new Series A entrants who will set up shop in Singapore but I think it will come.

Been in Singapore for over 3 years and in Asia for about 13 years. The current activity is unprecedented – and I don’t think it is a bubble. It is just the natural progression of the tech world waking up to how big SEA is. It isn’t easy to operate here but I think it is worth it. My personal goal is to show that one can build a big global business right here in Singapore. So lately I am focused on doing just that while doing my best to stay plugged in.

Going to be a busy week!

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