It’s an amazing time to be in the startup scene…

I have a longer post  I want to write about the local events we just had in Singapore and about the role of a connector but that will have to wait.

As an aside – read this: – heavy, but largely accurate in my opinion. Hat tip to – who is leaving Singapore soon and I will miss him a ton. 😦 Anxious to see what he gets up to in his new home.

So at Echelon I snapped this slide from Dave McClure :


I am dating myself but I lived through the before 2000. Worked at a startup that had to spend most of our money just to turn on. We needed to buy Informix database, ATG app servers, Sun servers and racks in a hosting center – I think it was Consonus or something. Point being it is so much easier now. Grab your idea, some time to build it and give it a shot. Of course the competition is also stronger than ever and building a viable business model is not easy but at least it takes less hard capital than it used to.

It is a good time to be in startup land!

good luck.


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