Being a connector

Sometimes apart from my main gig and my blog – I am not always sure what my role is in the startup scene. I don’t have time to actively attend lots of things and I usually am probably too busy to actively mentor but I do try when I can. However I do a good job of remembering people, I try to add everyone to my Linkedin so I can keep track of them and I usually remember what people are doing.

So lately the role I think I have been playing is connecting folks. It may not be super glamorous and there may be nothing in it for me but I think that is okay. Too many times people always want something out of doing something for others but I enjoy the giving – I think life and career are full of karma like moments. I am pretty sure I got to where I am today by the people I know and the things I was able to do. Maybe had I thought about karma even more I would have come even farther. Tough to say.

My point is though we can call help each other by connecting folks who need something to folks who might be able to help. Through the connection maybe someone progresses further than they would have without the connection. Sure – maybe there is tech to solve this problem but I think the human touch makes it more fun. Of course my intro might be via email but that’s okay.

Recently I was rewarded for my connection actions by meeting someone at MediaCorp who was asking about the startup scene for a segment they were working on for live TV.  I decided to email all the folks that I thought this person should talk to. This lead to me being invited onto the segment – which I was surprised but grateful for. Of course then I wore my Daring Fireball shirt which lead to a gruber tweet. So the whole circle was perfect. I gave and I received more than I gave. Karma.

The SEA startup scene is small but growing. We will compete with other startup locales but we can beat them all handily if each and everyone of us plays the role of a giving connector when it makes sense. Connecting all the dots will helps us all succeed.

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