A startup’s secret weapon – customer service!

I have always been preaching, even if it is not easy, that with how much work a startup does to get customers you might as well make them feel loved with your customer service so that they stay with you.

We had a slight glitch with our android app yesterday – being in the streaming business with video makes for some complex apps that must always work and are used 24/7. So when we have an issue the email and app store comments come in fast and furious. We figured out the issue and pushed a new app. Thank god for my team being available on a sunday to make it so.

So what do we discover after fixing the app – a nice google play comment like this:

App version 1.2.6
Oct 6, 2013 at 11:10 PM
Amazing Amazing app and even better service. Fixed bug within a day!!

Stuff like this is awesome since we all know that startups will have issues but being able to fix them and get feedback is priceless.

I also must add that this is where Google Play is ahead of Apple App Store since they allow us to see the comments and respond to them directly – which I think makes a huge difference in getting to user issues, keeps the trolls out and allows a company to manage their ratings up. All not possible on the App Store. Huge bummer.

Anyway. Customer service. Get on it.

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