App store hell…

I have written about this before and just had another experience with Apple that reminds me how broken the whole process is.

First off Google is broken but in another way – Google let’s everyone and everybody publish anything – you can steal an app, pirate content and break lots of rules but you can still publish on the Play Store until someone alerts Google. Then they may take it down but not always. Google should change their process to vetting every first time app from each developer. They check the app and if cool it hits the store. If is is not cool the developer needs to address it. If they don’t address it the app is not published and this bad mark, so to speak, is remembered. Developer tries to publish another app under the same account and the same process is repeated. Once said developer is allowed to publish a valid app then Google let’s that developer publish without anymore reviews. This would help, but not alleviate, some of the crap in the Play Store. It won’t fix it but at least create some barriers to entry. God knows there are enough apps.

On the Apple side the issue is broken the other direction. Here we have an app that has been around for a few years and still go through the same process as a new app or new developer. We have the normal review time and all that jazz. What is worse is our history means nothing and Apple does make mistakes. Their reviewers don’t always read the notes and reject the app due to not reading the notes. We lose days when this happens. Then we have to either leave rejection comments or republish the app – thus waiting the same review period. Developers should go through the review for a new app and maybe till the .2 or .3 release. Then Apple should let the developers publish at will until they do something wrong or break a rule. Then they are back to square one with some rules for getting out of the review doghouse. Not saying this is a perfect solution but something is better than waiting a week or sometimes two to publish an update to a mature app due to reviewer incompetence.

Let’s also note that this review process does not ensure quality around apps or keep the crap from proliferating in the App Store. Tons of crap and zombie apps in the App Store.

Either way I am baffled that two companies making billions off of phones and apps can’t spend some time fixing the developer process. Just Silly.

3 thoughts on “App store hell…

  1. Denis Bulichenko (@DENIVIPMedia)

    The process isn’t smooth at all. Probably the best approach for now is to plan that kind of delay. With every release we plan to spend a week on Apple review. It helps to tolerate the delay. Interesting that our “funny” apps are being reviewed in a day or two, while serious ones which are much more valuable for us are being reviewed in a week or two. When we have something urgent (critical bug fixes) we just ask for an expedited review. It takes just a day.

  2. Mr. KPI

    agree to an extent – of course we plan for review time but when they reject it over their own mistake then the 1 weeks is now 2 weeks. through no fault of our own. Apple generates billions – imagine 100 mil spent to make the app store process more intelligent. You don’t think it would be better than what we have today?


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