Back in the US of A

In LA for a few days. Hanging in the hotel cafe having a coffee and trying to stay awake. Of course every freaking TV has the piece of shit NFL on which is loud and annoying enough to probably help keep me awake.

I always find it comical to land and deal with immigration. Was surprised to see the computer kiosks for residents in place but what is comical is it just seems to add and extra step versus cutting down on time or process. First the kiosk but of course it seems you still fill out the dumb form on the plane. Why have both? Then the kiosk prints something and you wait to see an officer. He takes the paper from the plane and gives you back the receipt from the kiosk. Then go grab your bag. Talk to another officer to get out of that room. Then another line with another officer checking to see if they need to scan your shit. Seems I was not flagged for secondary this trip and sailed through but still comical there are so many checkpoints and that the computer part of it doesn’t seem to actually speed anything up.

Well the sun is shining, I have email to do, BigAssMeeting prep and some dinner to hunt down.

Happy Sunday!


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