iPhone 6

Had it since Friday. Initial thoughts.

– I can’t go back to a 5. Just too small now.
– 6 feels perfect to me but you have to get used to it. One handed use is fine.
– It is slippery – already dropped once. One the plane but hit the rug. Need a case I think.
– Battery life is better than my 5 but no amazing jump. I think battery is where a big improvement is needed.
– Screen is amazing. I think the combo of iOS 8 and the screen for reading and videos is stunning. The screen even feels closer to the display than ever before. I love the practically no edge thing on the sides.
– Finger print sensor is working great for me but I never had a 5s
– Extensions are cool but not really using many yet but the promise of it all is nice.
– I am playing with the keyboards but not sure I want to get hooked on them. I am undecided. Swype and Flesky are my current picks.
– It is much thinner and it just looks so slick compared to a 5 but maybe I just like this form factor more.
– Camera is better. Faster start. Pics look much better in general but I have not done a lot of photos yet.
– I think 6+ is cool but as an everyday phone I think too big and heavy for one handed stuff. But would have to play with it more.

Now I think 6 is amazing but need a big iPad and a smaller retina laptop. Hard to say.

Glad I am still holding Apple stock.


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