Apple Quality is slipping – software wise.

Gruber of course goes deeper on this than I will but we all NOTICE it. My macbook air with Yosemite just randomly reboots whenever it wants. Safari crashes when I try to share a tweet from a url. Mail is well – abysmal. Hardware on the other hand is amazing but we could use some new laptops. Bottom line is a lot of Apple software related stuff just sucks right now. Let alone the 8.01 fiasco, healthkit, and the iCloud drive shit – a bunch of software or cloud related things are just not up to snuff quality wise. Add to it the broken app store process and one could give Apple a D at best right now. I love the stuff – still the best stack but I have said it before. They are doing too many things and not hiring enough people to fix it. They have cash – I don’t get it.


One thought on “Apple Quality is slipping – software wise.

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