Roku is going for it – an IPO that is!


Guess they really want to go all the way whisk the getting is still good.

I personally don’t find the devices that impressive but I admire their persistence. As far as their TV endeavors I applaud anyone trying to do a better job at smart TV’s than the smart TV goons but that’s not too high a hurdle. Problem I have with Roku is that for international content it is essentially a closed platform due to the exclusive deal with DISH – hopefully that will eventually dissolve and Roku can expand their app offering.

Clearly Apple and Google will be the biggest contenders, the new Android TV looks good on paper, but Apple TV is in serious need of a refresh to compete effectively.

Maybe Roku can clean up on the smart TV ecosystem, apart from the biggies like Samsung and LG, while expanding their devices and apps.

To do this though they need cash and lots of it.

10 thoughts on “Roku is going for it – an IPO that is!

  1. I seriously love my Roku 3. The youtube and Netflix interfaces (built by these companies themselves) are outstanding. And the fact that it’s a largely open ecosystem –compared to Apple– makes this a really powerful platform.

    I’ve cut the cable cord, and now just have over the air TV and roku (youtube, netflix, amazon, Crackle). It’s a pretty good setup.


  2. Can’t argue with you but the issue I have is they are not very global and not very open.

    Of course its a handy tool for cord cutting – we shall see how long they can keep growing.



  3. I thought everyone was doing xbmc these days.. It even runs on Apple;-)
    But honestly with the onslaught of Chinese android players.. I would not put any money into this industry.. Think they will fall on harder times than the cellphone carriers..


  4. I think that is a very techy view of the world – most of the peeps want to sit down and have the system’s content curated for them plus all the popular stuff built it.

    The android boxes don’t provide that. 2 different worlds really


  5. Maybe a bit techie, but throw the departure of peeps leaving TV’s in favor of their phonepads in the mix and i still don’t see any long term future for pure TV boxes.. I can run any streaming app on and pay (if i like) through my phone and if needed project that content on any screen.. So why roku?


  6. There’s a big audience of mass adopters that don’t even have a roku yet but just want to have all the streaming options play through one input on the TV.

    Right now it’s hard to keep explaining to the parents, wives and kids how to get the magic combination of input and device selections to play their content.


  7. Agree – the whole TV stuff is a mess. I pretty much standardize on Apple TV and play around with chromecast. I think the new android TV has promise but you never know with google.

    But yes – it’s all too complicated for the most part.


  8. Ulf – agree that most people sit there on their tablets but they want to project onto the big screen. The android boxes dont do that well really. Chromecast is nice for that but would be cool if there was some standard to remote anything to the TV directly. But the smart tv asses obviously don’t want that.


  9. I only do big screen when having a movie moment with the missus and so far that’s all happening with xbmc or bubbleupnp to dlna, if you want to stream straight from Android to big screen with any app try ezcast to your chrome cast. Apple not so much.. Other than the Apple apple share.. Unless zappotv…
    Yes maybe it gets a bit techy for the big screen at the moment but I still favor the individual media consumption through phablet and soon someone will provide even simpler and cheaper hdmi stick for just pushing HD to the big screen from any app..


  10. I get your drift but even the very basic stuff you are describing is way too techie for most causal home video users. Let’s put it this way – even Henrik can’t deal with them. 🙂


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