Singapore the aircraft carrier

Great article and largely models how I think about Singapore – it is an incredible base for being a global startup and it should be how it is marketed. I still think there is too much focus on local businesses and having your staff all be in Singapore though but it is improving.

We at Spuul don’t get talked about much in the local scene – I think mostly cause we are not great at PR, have never been externally funded and are not very big in Singapore. My guess is there are others out there in Singapore like Spuul who else don’t get much attention since they don’t focus on Singapore but just use it as a hub. At Spuul we are now even exploring our first remote engineering center – guess where we are putting it? πŸ™‚

I also think Singapore is a good hub for foreigners as well given the ability to become a permanent resident, the schools, the family friendly atmosphere and the rule of law. Nowhere is perfect but from other places I have been I think Singapore is pretty damn good.

All the recent activity is just a nod to how important the region is becoming but Singapore in my opinion will do very well as the center of the region for a lot of startups.

Hopefully you will see more global ones in the making.

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