Other thoughts about Singapore As the Startup Hub

Added tweet conversations as they come :: https://storify.com/dreampipe/conversation-with-dreampipe-and-bleongcw

From here on out I am calling this SASH – yes. SASH. Saves me some keyboard time since I do a lot of posting from my phone one handed.

I will even add a blog category for it. So it’s real folks.

One of my most recent Singapore posts in reply to TIA (penn olson if you look at their social media account) :: http://www.nokpis.com/2014/10/25/singapore-the-aircraft-carrier/

I am all in on Singapore – just FYI.

I wrote this today – mostly out of frustration :: http://www.nokpis.com/2014/10/29/stripe-is-cool-too-bad-its-not-in-singapore/

But it made me think about it more deeply – something I conversed with Andy on twitter :: https://storify.com/dreampipe/conversation-with-dreampipe-and-andycroll-1

Btw this is the easiest way to get a twitter conversation link – easier than using Storify directly. Use tweetbot to see a conversation and the tweet it to get the link. I am sure other nerds have an easier way – please share.

In many ways Singapore is rocking when it comes to support or in the list of companies who support Singapore that sell picks and shovels to people building startups. I won’t go through the list here but I will point out a glaring omission – the payment infrastructure options suck huge ASS in Singapore. Please someone from banking or the government read this. Let me repeat the payment infrastructure options available to startups in Singapore is horrendous.

Yes I know some companies work around it. They become a merchant, then get some gateway provider to help smooth over the shitty API options from the bank or merchant accounts but it is a serious amount of work and costly. The bill is normally out of reach for most early stage startups. Even if you can afford it you have to set aside capital for it but you may also find you can’t get approved. At Spuul a lot of the banks could not deal with subscriptions for digital goods. Yes – something like that they were hung up on. Pathetic.

Before any of you slam me to say their are options please note that I write this stuff to learn as much as to complain. If you know of better options please spell them out since the purpose of the blog is to learn as much as to share, but I know from talking to real companies, real devs and our own experiences – that this is a hard road to ride on. Very experienced devs and startups are flummoxed daily.

What I don’t get is with Singapore being such a banking center, the government throwing money at SASH, and with all the “accelerators” here – why is no one working on the problem? Could it be that everyone is just waiting for Stripe, PayPal or someone to solve it but no one willing to risk it? Stripe says they are coming but been hearing that for a while. All the braintree stuff from PayPal is really for just US accounts so none of that is helping. So we all wait but sometimes I wonder if it will get fixed.

Anyone with deeper knowledge on the subject please chime in.

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