The next, new thing is …. Mobile.

Great deck by Benedict Evans ::

Video of the presentation ::

He strikes me as the new Mary Meeker but needs to make longer decks first. 😉

Some good factoids in the deck but the common refrain from Benedict that one easily picks up on is that mobile is the next thing. Sure there will be other inventions and trends – health stuff, space stuff and so on but for the everyday person and the everyday product person the biggest thing to work on is mobile.

A great quote for this:

For the first time, tech is selling to everyone.


Everyone gets a pocket supercomputer.

We honestly have not built yet a world that could exist when everyone has a supercomputer in their pocket with fast connectivity.

So people always look at me funny at work when they ask what’s the next thing. I always say making mobile insanely better than it is and figuring out what new things we can do with mobile that we haven’t thought of yet.

Much left to do and to be fair most apps are still pretty shitty.

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