Another good take on Fabric

Since I don’t feel like building things on Twitter anyway the old issue don’t bother me much but of course if I built stuff on Fabric and they yanked that I would be pissed. However I think the world has evolved this time around. Notice a conversation I had with the CTO of Twitter:

Of course time will tell and my guess is many more folks will build on these frameworks than were interested in building Twitter clients which means it could impact a lot more apps and ecosystems.

Interesting times.

Roku is going for it – an IPO that is!


Guess they really want to go all the way whisk the getting is still good.

I personally don’t find the devices that impressive but I admire their persistence. As far as their TV endeavors I applaud anyone trying to do a better job at smart TV’s than the smart TV goons but that’s not too high a hurdle. Problem I have with Roku is that for international content it is essentially a closed platform due to the exclusive deal with DISH – hopefully that will eventually dissolve and Roku can expand their app offering.

Clearly Apple and Google will be the biggest contenders, the new Android TV looks good on paper, but Apple TV is in serious need of a refresh to compete effectively.

Maybe Roku can clean up on the smart TV ecosystem, apart from the biggies like Samsung and LG, while expanding their devices and apps.

To do this though they need cash and lots of it.

Nice little tweet conversation from some locals…

This is what I love about twitter. Real peeps willing to say real things.

Here we have Bernard kicking it off and then Chirstian, Hian and myself all jump into the deep end of the pool.

This storify link I made from tweetbot might be the best ::

Follow this link to see the whole thread on twitter ::

For the life of me I can’t find any easy way to enmbed the whole thread.


Calling the top on Google?

I love Ben’s work and find myself glued to his podcast as well – especially digging this episode on cable and the great unbundling :: Exponent: 021: Gamergate of Thrones

What I dig about Ben is his willingness to go out on a limb a bit with some provocative ideas. Discussing peak Google is for sure a bold claim.

However I must admit I tend to agree. They have one cash cow and in other parts of advertising – video, mobile, native and brand – they are not the clear winner. Search adversities will wane some day and they must follow up with another trick. I think Facebook will be the clear winner when it comes to mobile advertising but Twitter is also going to make a go of it,

Google is obviously working on a lot of stuff and some of it will hit and some won’t but the question remains – will they remain the giant they are today? I don’t know to be honest.

Peak Google ::

Dare we trust Twitter?

I love Twitter but I must admit I only ever see it via tweetbot. At Spuul we have started to use Mopub and will be comparing it to the new Facebook ad product. I must admit that wherever possible in the ad space I try to use google as little as possible.

Now enter Twitter with something interesting around logging in. At Spuul we do a lot of telco integrations and we always enable some form of login via mobile phone number. Problem is that each integration is locked to that specific carrier and therefore not super portable.

If Twitter has truly built a handy global phone number based login system that I can just drop into a mobile app – I am intrigued.

Problem is, as we all know, Twitter has a habit of effing over developers but for my products I am not interested in Twitter integration but the other services they are offering like Digits and Mopub.

Times they are a changing and I may just go with the flow…

New stuff at Spuul

At Spuul we are always trying to solve video problems for emerging markets – something that most video folks are not working on. Even the video infrastructure guys tend to focus on developed countries and good networks. We focus on developing countries and shitty networks. That being said we always have said streaming kind of sucks unless you are on a killer connection and don’t mind paying for data. However a lot of people are not on killer connections and can’t afford the data charges. Enter download – something that sounds old school and usually the realm of piracy but we think if done right it is more convenient and more secure than streaming anyway. We also know that customers love it.

It’s pretty simple. Find a video – download it. Choose your size. Watch it as it downloads. When finished go offline to view it.


Much more to come!