I like donuts. In Asia I never really find any I like apart from the basic glazed, old fashioned and Boston creme ones at Krispy Kreme. I grew up on normal American donuts and every time I go home I have more than a few. I plan on having a few this trip.

Which is why I loved this article –

I remember eating Winchell’s donuts but I mostly remember the normal mom and pop donuts – made fresh throughout the day. I would always eat then with a cold milk.

I lived in the some of the areas mentioned in the article and now I remember them being run by Asians but didn’t realize they were Cambodians. I think near one of my brother’s house is a donut shop run by Cambodians – going to check when I am in town.

The rest of the story is odd as well with the tinges of other Asian issues like the gambling, the young mistresses and all of Cambodia’s political issues intertwined around donuts.

Great read.

One last donut tidbit. When I was young my dad used to trade his mechanical services for whatever his customers could offer on barter – he happened to do a major engine overhaul for a German living in a small town near us with a bakery. A bakery with seriously awesome donuts. I probably had 2 per day for many months. I remember my mother sending us over for bread and we had to explain the credit had run out but she could never figure out we practically went and ate a box of donuts per day.

Donuts rule.

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