Thinking more about the PM and self-managed teams

I know I need to follow up on this ::

BTW – still loving Desk…

There are so many discussions to have about how to PM – this was a good spot on it as well ::

I try to encapsulate more about how I do things at Spuul and then I read this article today ::

There is some good stuff in there and it slightly hints at how I try to do things at Spuul but we do try to task manage things some but many times we just have large goals, people to organize around them and dates to try and make. Roll all of them together and it feels like a hybrid of product management with self management. I can see from reading this article it could go a lot further but sometimes the startup mode makes it difficult.

This list is good and I want to try to dig into it more and see how I might put it into play:

1) Form a team around an objective (i.e. 4-12 people)

2) have them FIRST clearly define the desired result,

3) then the process(es) needed to get that result.

4) Then THEY set metrics for steps in the process and

5) for pay based on the result desired (quality, quantity, speed, etc.,)

6) finally THEY decide what happens if the metrics aren’t met and how to move team members along if they are not contributing appropriately.

7) Leadership approves.

8) Run it.

I love the small team thing, the result driven approach and the metrics – something to aspire to. Seems one could apply this to running the entire product team and then see how one could push it across the company.


Gotta crunch on this some more…


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