More app bashing

I wrote about some of this earlier :: – lots of chatter on how apps are killing the web.

Now the father of the web is bashing apps :: .

I think apps are part of the web and when I look at my own parents behavior – apps have opened up new options for them but I admit they look at websites a lot. They use their iPad for this mostly and it stuns me how bad many websites are on their iPad. Seems a lot of companies have no clue about responsive web.

If the crime is that companies build apps and lead with them instead of apps plus responsive websites then yes – that’s a problem. But apps in and of themselves are not the issue.

When Tim talks about openness, sharing and liking my take is I can share stuff from apps and most of the open web is full of vile comments. I am not clear where the issues are but I think apps work and the web is still growing.

What I am not clear is why this topic is still important. Apps are the web.


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