Poor but with time to spare

I don’t do year end or welcome to the New Year posts.

However the more I read this article the more I think about myself and my time :: http://www.economist.com/news/christmas-specials/21636612-time-poverty-problem-partly-perception-and-partly-distribution-why?fsrc=scn/tw/te/pe/ed/whyiseveryonesobusy

There are many angles on this article – product ideas, thoughts about gadgets, how I work and how I spend time not working. Amazing statistics as well – stats that I see in my own family and how much time everyone has. From where I stand I think I have better than my parents but funny thing is – they think they had it better than me. Which is interesting.

As a parent I find the whole discussion on the arms race for kids to be fascinating. It is so true and I worry about it myself. I am sure if I went farther in school I would be farther ahead financially but I can’t rewind the clock. I can however push my kids to do better but I also want them to be happy, healthy and able to just enjoy life. There is a trade-off but that will only appear over time.

The last few paragraphs are super intense. Read them a few times.

I like this one:

Alas time, ultimately, is a strange and slippery resource, easily traded, visible only when it passes and often most highly valued when it is gone. No one has ever complained of having too much of it. Instead, most people worry over how it flies, and wonder where it goes. Cruelly, it runs away faster as people get older, as each accumulating year grows less significant, proportionally, but also less vivid. Experiences become less novel and more habitual. The years soon bleed together and end up rushing past, with the most vibrant memories tucked somewhere near the beginning. And of course the more one tries to hold on to something, the swifter it seems to go.

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