Will Softbank pick up Yahoo?

Now that the spinoff is in motion it could make a lot of sense for someone to pick up Yahoo and to me that someone is Softbank. I had planned to write this last night before going to bed and after talking to an employee and ex Yahoo colleague. The idea being that since Yahoo owns a chunk of Yahoo Japan then it could make sense for Softbank to get that back and Yahoo in the process.

Sure it would not be easy and the spinoff is not done but Yahoo has pulled back a lot in Asia. No more Korea. No more Indonesia or Thailand. Some pull back in India. I always felt this was a sly way of making it easier for someone else who is also in Asia to come in and not have a lot of competing assets or property. Softbank fits that bill – especially since they share Yahoo Japan which is probably worth more than all of Yahoo’s other Asian assets combined. The other JV is Yahoo Australia which I hear that the local team wants to dump Yahoo and then one could argue that Taiwan is a stand alone Yahoo business but I am sure Softbank would love those assets.

Anyways. Kara of course covered this by the time I got up this morning.


I personally don’t think all these shenanigans are simply just a spinoff plus a stand alone Yahoo going forth – to me this is a setup for something else. But I could be wrong.


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