Email sucks

Adding this – good email read ::

The last week I got real excited about the new Outlook email client and was pretty much switched over to it – even put it in my iPhone doc but after a week of it I am constantly getting locked out of my gmail accounts. Both my corporate, paid one, and my normal free user account. I get iOS complaining about password error and the Outlook app says I need to login again. Practically daily I have a login problem and then none of my clients work when it happens. This only started since using Outlook. I have since killed it and seems to have gone away. Microsoft needs to figure this out. I actually don’t recall that this happened with Accompli.

Outlook was better than Mail even if there were quirks to it but I loved the integrated calendar but I also use Sunrise anyway. I really hope they keep Sunrise separate versus forcing us to use Outlook. That will be a bummer since for now I am done with Outlook. The attachment handling was awesome though and I loved the focus inbox.

For now though I am returning to Dispatch, which I use for work support emails, but I am going to use it as core mailbox now. Bummer there is they are not on iPad yet. . I hope it is coming! Dispatch is a great general client but also has lots of cool things like snippets, OnePassword integration and great for saving docs off, making a task or popping stuff into evernote. The other thing I like about Dispatch is I can add manual inboxes where on Outlook you can’t. 

On top of all the cool features – Dispatch is made in Singapore!

So Microsoft is making progress but they don’t have me yet.

So that is my iOS plan for now.

On the desktop – well. It is just cluster fuck of epic proportions. I would try Outlook but it cost too damn much. I keep using Apple Mail but it is such a pain when it either stops working or won’t load new emails. I did have this fixed before by disabling load all folders but Outlook wanted this on. I may turn it off again and usually this keeps Mail from hanging.

I have tried other desktop clients but so far I don’t love any of them. Anyone find one they love yet?

All in all email is not dead. But innovation in clients isn’t happening. My guess is cause indie devs can’t make enough money on the clients ecosystem. Sure they get bought but they don’t create worthwhile businesses. Such a letdown. I use Slack, Asana, Google Docs and even other chat products, (also made in Singapore), but I still use and need email. That just isn’t going away but I just wish we had better email clients.

back to some email…