Jonathan Ive profile in the New Yorker

It’s a must read – even if you are not into apple ::

The scale of the article and the access to the inner core at Apple is amazing. Clearly a new Apple when it comes to media access.

Stuff I gleaned from it:

– the amount of wealth centered at the top of Apple employees must be incredible

– Ive is working a ton which is interesting considering he almost retired at some point prior to the iPhone

– everyone talks about Apple in the vein of everything they do must be at iPhone scale. But reading stuff like this makes me think they are free to do almost anything they want – whether it is huge scale or not since overall the business is at enormous scale regardless

– amount of luminaries working for Apple is stunning

– Apple could work on anything really and obviously the car rumors are going nuts but I am curious what are they working on that we know nothing about

– if this current team running Apple stays together for a few more year my guess is the consumer market for music, video and payments is just starting to see a new level of disruption

Enjoy the long read!

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