New YouTube kids app

Just search in the Google or Apple Store for it – YouTube kids.
 My daughter was up and rolling with it within a minute – she is two.
 We found some content to not load – could be a geo issue thing since it’s not globally released and I use my USA based accounts.
 The interface is awesome and their are parental controls which allow you to turn off things like search. The sounds effects are fun – I think both my kids will like the effects. I do think my seven year old will easily get past the parental settings control though. They should allow the parents to create a password for them.
 I didn’t log in so I guess it works without an account and even has some privacy adjustments. You can turn off search and then there is just the curated and featured content which is nice but I am assuming even with search on one cannot find non kids content? Need to play with it more.
 Best part about it though? There is a timer so you can have it auto shutoff. Need to play with that as well.
 Slick stuff.
 I just wish they would offer a download feature for when we are not online.


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